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The best protection for your granite countertops bar none.

Used on kitchen islands and knee walls that create the perfect bar or pass through from kitchen to dining room.

 Tice Kitchens Interiors - Seen here are using two 18"- 2" Easy Granite Brackets on a Box Cabinet

Tice Kitchens Interiors - Seen here are using two 18"- 2" Easy Granite Brackets on a Box Cabinet

Our granite countertop support brackets can be used in supporting all types of kitchen countertops. Therefore countertops like Granite, Marble, Quartz, Silestone, Corian, Zodiaq, Recycled Glass, Concrete or even Butcher Block. Considering natural stone overhangs like granite defiantly need supporting to keep them from cracking and therefore keeping your family and investment safe.

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Our low profile steel brackets are very strong and therefore they safely support your countertops. We sell everything from the old original "Standard Granite Bracket" to the incredibly efficient new and strong "Easy Granite Bracket". As importunately as strength on our design its smart, creating a non intrusive way to float your countertops while protecting your investment.

The versatile self-leveling bracket is a revolution in granite overhang protection.

Hidden brackets are perfect when protecting a counter top on a base cabinet or an island.

So firstly consider the importance of keeping the countertop from snapping and hurting someone. Bracing the countertop overhang is not a choice but, more of a necessity.

Secondly all of our granite countertop support brackets are made of American Steel. Not just because we believe in our country rather we demand a higher standard of quality. We sell the "original granite hidden brackets" for countertops. We see folks using them for kitchen islands, bar tops, floating vanities, floating desks, mantels. For the best granite countertop protection you need to look into the all new self-leveling Easy Granite Brackets.



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Read how to make a choice on what bracket you'll need.

Use Easy Granite Brackets from the granite bracket shop

Your choice will depend on three things.

The Best Granite Brackets and Countertop Support Brackets.


Peter, one of our founders and designers talks about the all-new Easy Granite Bracket. We will have more videos and a lot more pictures coming. Peter ran out to the side of the shop to take this much-anticipated video. We apologize for the production and if you have any questions please call us (800) 561-4073

BMG Founded in 1963

BMG steel is the best steel money can buy for our brackets

They have grown from a single location, a "mom and pop" steel distributor, to a metal superstore with seven stocking locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. We demanded the best and BMG delivered. US Steel is our foundation to making great countertop support brackets.

Brackets on the Cabinets for safety
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Brackets on the Cabinets 3
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Create a perfect floating countertop in your kitchen. Use the granite countertop support bracket that's right for you.

You'll either use wooden legs along with the brackets, or for that matter just use the brackets without the cumbersome wooden legs. Consequently the wooden leg only protects an 8 inch diameter of valid protection. So consequently; as the distance from the supporting leg expands, the protection dwindles at a compounding rate.

The Easy Granite Bracket has a heavy load capacity. With it's sleek design, it stays unseen or hidden under the countertop.

  1. First level out 2.5" channel in the supporting structure (a base cabinet / or knee wall).
  2. Secondly drop the bracket into beveled out channel. Considering the bracket needs to always remain flush with the support structure.
  3. Thirdly use the included screws to fasten the brackets to the support structure.
    • A side note - If you make the channel to deep we include two space washers to virtually lift the bracket up to the bottom of the underside of the  countertop, therefore creating the perfect fit.
  4. Lastly place granite countertop down gently on the support structure and now make certain the granite is sitting flush under the granite or stone overhang and your done.
Low Profile Granite Brackets

The low profile design of our granite bracket helps to protect your knees from bulky oversized granite corbels. Also considering that the brackets are virtually hidden you can fit more chairs under the granite bar.

Our granite bracket designs makes certain  brackets do not interfere with the drawers in the base cabinet due to its sleek and hidden design.

The Granite Bracket Shop

The Granite Bracket Shop offers all the tools and granite brackets you will need. We have the brackets the professionals use, plus we are the inventors of the the self leveling granite brackets. The Easy Granite Bracket.


When a kitchen countertop design has unprotected overhangs that spans or exceeds the length and depth of the wall or base cabinet then you'll need to rectify this problem with some type of support.

Measure twice install once. 
  1. Face cabinets and measure side to side.
  2. Take that measured number and divide it by 16" this will give you the least amount of brackets you'll need.
  3. Measurement of overhang should have a central (middle) point.
  4. Find it and mark it on the supporting wall or base cabinet.
  5. Mesure outward from the center point that you just marked 16" and mark it.
  6. Measure from right to left and make similar 16" inch marks on the support structure.
  7. Divide the R/L last measurement made in half and mark the middle point, this will be where you will place the last and first bracket.

Shelf brackets


Unprotected granite or natural stone should be limited to a 16" span on a granite slab depth or thickness of 3 cm. And so the rule of thumb is a 3 cm thick stone requires a 16" spread of bracing and on a 2 cm thick stone overhangs you would want to stay within an 8" rule of supported granite countertop or overhang.

Fragile stones need more support (Brackets) and should be placed or spaced closer together. A bracket will protect the stone from breaking or shifting into unsecured position.

Place the brackets on the center of the measured mark. Considering that most brackets are 2.5 inches in width you shouldn't have any problems here. (This excludes the Big Countertop Support Bracket coming in at 4 inches width)

CPR Real Estate used the easy bgranite bracket on a wall

All overhangs need support, some need more than others. Granite comes in many different types, ranging from very solid to porous or simply put, no two granite slabs are the same. Densities will differ from one type of granite to another. Given that, some granite countertops will require varying amounts of bracing.

No rule is set in stone.

There isn't too much of a good thing when it comes to a granite overhang.  We need to keep in mind that a 28-inch overhang needs more protection than a 12-inch overhang. We only sell brackets that can support a certain length or more accurately, depth. If you have a slab of granite free floating and unprotected over 16 inches you are dancing with disaster

Some projects we will not have brackets for is when the granite is not going to be used in a conventional format. 


Shelf Bracket
Knee Wall Granite Brackets
The Easy Granite Brackets is the most popular granite bracket we manufacture.

They are used in applications like, island countertops or raised bar tops where the granite extends more than 4” from the base cabinet or pony wall. The granite brackets are attached to the top of a framed wall or reinforced cabinet making this hidden support a strong and inconspicuous solution. The look is often referred to as having or giving a modern look and feel to your kitchen or home.  

Once installed they are virtually hidden while making your granite overhang appear to "float".  

More importantly, they won't get in the way of your knees when you sit at a bar that is using the hidden support while providing the same functionality, safety and strength as traditional the decorative wooden corbels.

Read about the Self Leveling Granite Brackets on Wikipedia

All the installers we have worked with agree we have the best granite support brackets used in kitchen and home remodeling projects.

Our shop provides for you, granite countertop support brackets that  support granite, marble, quartz, Silestone, Corian, Zodiaq, concrete or even butcher block countertops. We know that there are many uses we have not mentioned here but the possibilities for the use of the brackets exceeds the space on this website.

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The Granite Bracket Shop is your specialists in kitchen and bathroom countertop support brackets used for all types of remodeling and home manufacturing uses. 


3 parts to a granite bracket

How to support granite or stone countertops with hidden countertop support brackets.

When do you need to use granite countertop support brackets?

You need them to insure the countertop or shelf is secure. The countertop needs to be safe and fully supported to a anchored object, like a knee wall or a cabinet.

CPR Real Estate used the easy bgranite bracket on a wall

  • Avoid placing the granite brackets too close to the edge of the countertop overhang. Easily, 4 inches is the rule for most hidden brackets (or braces) but when using the Easy Granite Bracket with it's, low profile your protection (bracket) can be as close as 2" from the tip of the protected countertop and still keep its hidden properties.


  • Hidden countertop support brackets can be purely utilitarian, decorative, or depending on your granite countertop installation, can provide both functions.


  • Unlike wooden butcher block countertops that don't need as much support, a granite countertop will require. A must in supports that sufficiently hold the granite countertops securely in place. Of course, this will demand some thought and appreciation of how they will be used.  This type of bracing of granite should never be neglected or considered as unnecessary.


  • It's always best to let a "Granite Installer" or your "Granite Fabricator" know you expect them to use some kind of support to protect your countertop. Be thoughtful when determining the need of support for granite countertop overhangs.


  • Call 800-561-4073 for expert assistance on hidden granite countertop support brackets.


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Featured Countertop Support Brackets

The Easy Granite Bracket Custom SLBG

Custom order the self leveling countertop support brackets that fit your needs, The Easy Granite Bracket - All Sizes.

Comes in Variant Sizes

Our Price: $19.95

The L Granite Bracket FLB

The L Granite Bracket FLB is the to go to granite bracket for situations when you need that extra bite or connection points. The Countertop Granite Bracket with an added flange.

Custom Support Options 

Our Price: $37.00

The 12.5" Easy Granite Bracket SLBG-8-2

This 12.5" self leveling countertop support bracket supports 12" granite overhangs with 2" inside cabinet support.

Supports a 12" granite overhang

Our Price: $21.95

We Make Granite Brackets and Countertop Support Products.

All Granite countertop brackets come with an install kit.

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The Granite Bracket Shop was brought into the market to offer only the finest granite countertop support brackets and countertop support solutions to the Internet.

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We bring you the newly designed self-leveling granite brackets for the easiest install bracket ever made. So with over twelve years of working on granite countertop support brackets, we have the background and experience it takes to be leaders in this industry.

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We follow a simple criteria; Service, quality and innovation of granite countertop support brackets. But one direction we feel is paramount, is that we use American Steel to build the best countertop support granite brackets on the market.

Experience and Expertise:

With 14 years of expertise involved in making the best granite brackets in the industry, we are the leaders of granite safety and support bracing for granite countertops.


We have a history of untarnished business integrity and a commitment to customer service that is second to none.

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